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Winning Bingo Strategies

At the very outset of this article, we have to say that bingo - whether it's played in a traditional bingo hall or online - is strictly a game of chance. The numbers called are generated entirely at random, and no matter how much we might like to be able to influence Lady Luck to give us a bit of an edge, we simply can't. There are no secret play strategies that we can use to make our numbers come up, or make one of our bingo cards more likely to win that any other.

However, this doesn't mean that we can't increase our odds of winning a prize overall. Although we can't change the odds of the game itself, we can change the odds of us becoming winners, and we can do this in the following ways:

1 - We can be more selective about the games we play. If we choose to play a game where there are already 100 other players, our chance of winning is much smaller than if we were to play a game with 25 other players. Of course, by choosing games with fewer players we will stand to win less prize money, but we should certainly win more regularly, all other things being equal.

2 - We can increase the number of bingo cards we play in each game. The more cards we play, the more chance we have that one of them will win. A person who plays thirty cards in any given game will have ten times more chance of winning than one who plays just three cards. Of course, this is not to say that someone playing just one card cannot win, it's just that the odds of them doing so are slightly smaller.

3 - We can enter more free games. A surprising number of bingo players completely ignore the chance to win prizes by participating in free games such as prize draws, special promotional events and chat room games. Since you have absolutely no chance of winning if you don't participate in these games, you can instantly increase the odds of winning just by signing up for every free game, prize draw and promotion you set your eyes on.

4 - Although it isn't technically related to winning bingo games, you can often increase the amount of cash you get in your account by recommending a certain site to your friends. Usually, you would give a special code to your friend so that they can claim a new account bonus, and when they sign up you will get a bonus too. This makes it well worth signing up with as many sites as possible and recommending that your friends do the same!

As we said earlier, these strategies won't unleash any cosmic forces or influence the actual mechanics of the bingo game. But they will increase your overall chances of winning a prize. Incorporate them into your game today and see what happens!


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