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Bingo Rules

Playing bingo online is very simple and straightforward, but to make absolutely sure that you don’t fall into a temporary pit of confusion somewhere along the line, it will probably help to briefly go over the rules.

In a regular bricks-and-mortar bingo hall, a strip of six tickets would be guaranteed to include the numbers from 1 to 90, albeit in a random manner. This means that your strip would have every number called. In the game of online bingo things are usually a little different, with the numbers 1 to 75 being used and the card itself showing a five by five grid of squares. The five rows are each named by a letter, and from the top to the bottom they spell B-I-N-G-O.

When playing online bingo there is no need for you to personally mark your cards. Instead, the cards are marked automatically. This allows you to play many more cards per game than is possible in a traditional club environment (unless you have a dozen pairs of arms!)

At most sites, each game of online bingo requires you to make a particular pattern out of the numbers you mark on your card. For example, to win one game you might have to mark all of the numbers that form a letter of the alphabet, whilst in another game the pattern might be cross or square. This variety keeps online play interesting no matter how many games you play.

As with regular bingo, the first player to achieve the required pattern wins the prize. If two or more players win with the same number then the prize is divided equally between the winning players.

Many online bingo sites have something called “progressive jackpots”. This is won by a player who manages to win a game within a certain number of balls being called. If the jackpot is not won in a game (and it usually isn’t) then it is rolled over to the next game. Every time the progressive jackpot is rolled over, it gets slightly bigger. This means that they can reach very high levels, and some would easily be able to buy you a round the world trip or even a brand new home!

The chat facility on a bingo site allows you to have fun with other players, just as you would enjoy a friendly chat with people at a regular bingo hall. The vast majority of players are polite and friendly, but room hosts monitor the chat and will ban anyone who is rude or obnoxious. Having a virtual weep over a close call is perfectly acceptable, but gloating when you win isn’t, so don’t do it.

The above rules apply to players, but bingo sites themselves also have to follow their own rules. The most important one is that credit card payments and the like need to be processed by a specially licensed company. For this reason, most bingo sites use a separate card processing company to handle deposits and withdrawals, and it will usually be the name of this company that appears on your bank or credit card statements. To ensure that you only play with the most trusted sites, we strongly recommend that you read through our reviews section for our top selections.

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